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Susan Westwater: A pioneer in Voice AI & Conversational AI

About Susan Westwater, Co-Founder & CEO of Pragmatic Digital

Susan advises the world’s most innovative brands that want to capitalize on the incredible opportunity Voice and conversational AI represent. Combining the strategic marketing and brand knowledge she gained from decades at top tier agencies such as Leo Burnett and working in corporate, Susan helps clients expand their brands into conversational experiences to solve marketing and customer experience problems.  

Susan has presented and authored a number of talks, workshops, articles, research papers, and ebooks focused on the role Voice, conversational AI, and other emerging technologies like the metaverse, play in marketing and business strategy. She is an Ambassador of the Open Voice Network, an instructor at the AI Academy for Marketers. Susan is co-author of Voice Strategy: Creating Useful and Usable Voice Experiences (which was a #1 Release on Amazon) and is a co-author of Voice Marketing.

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Susan Westwater is a sought-after speaker at conferences and events globally. Drawing from her vast experience in digital transformation and customer-centric strategies, Susan's talks simplify Artificial Intelligence for business audiences, emphasizing omnichannel content, conversational AI, and innovative strategies.

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