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Scot Westwater: Pioneering Voice AI at Pragmatic Digital

About Scot Westwater, Co-Founder & CCO of Pragmatic Digital

Scot Westwater stands at the forefront of Voice technology innovation. With a rich legacy spanning over two decades in design, UX, and digital strategy, Scot has carved a niche for himself in the realm of voice experiences. As the Co-Founder & CCO of Pragmatic Digital, Scot Westwater's vision has been instrumental in shaping the company's trajectory. Together with his co-authorship of "Voice Strategy: Creating Useful and Usable Voice Experiences", Scot Westwater has been a beacon of knowledge in the industry. His latest book, "Voice Marketing", launched in summer 2023 has garnered praise from marketers and technologists alike.

Scot Westwater's Industry Recognitions

Scot's expertise isn't just confined to Pragmatic Digital. He's a recognized figure at industry events, including SEM Rush World Marketing Day, Project Voice, VOICE Global, and VOICE & AI. As an ambassador for the Open Voice Network and an instructor for the Marketing AI Institute, Scot Westwater's influence is undeniable.

Photo of Scot Westwater, COO of Pragmatic Digital

Insights & Perspectives by Scot Westwater

Stay updated with the latest in AI and voice technology through Scot Westwater's expertly curated content:

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