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Case study: Revolutionizing the restaurant industry with Voice ordering

Discover how a top quick-service restaurant used Conversational AI and Voice technology to thrive

About the client

A leading fast-food chain, known for prioritizing speed and convenience, recognized the potential of voice technology to enhance customer engagement and deliver a user-friendly experience in the quick-service restaurant (QSR) sector.

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Despite high customer expectations and research suggesting a prominent role for Voice technology in the market, voice adoption in the QSR sector needed to catch up. The fast-food chain initially wanted to incorporate Voice technology through Amazon Alexa into their customer experience to improve upon key features of their mobile app, addressing customers' interests in quality assurance, safety, dietary information, and special offers.


Some notable results achieved through this project were:

Enhanced customer experience

Fast-food enthusiasts accessed the latest offers, located nearby locations, asked questions about the menu, and initiated orders through intuitive, touch-free Voice commands.

Increased app usage

The integration raised awareness of the brand's digital offerings, increasing mobile app downloads and usage.

Expanded presence across voice platforms

The fast-food chain successfully launched on Amazon and developed a corresponding Google Assistant Action to deliver value across multiple voice platforms.

Improved value perception and customer loyalty

The voice skill and action enhanced the brand's value perception, rewarded customer loyalty, and facilitated enjoyable moments for everyone.

Reduced costs and demand for face-to-face customer service

The voice skill and action lowered costs across other channels and addressed the need for contactless customer service during the pandemic.

How we did it

The fast-food chain collaborated with a prominent Voice consultancy to achieve these impressive outcomes, employing a comprehensive and holistic discovery approach that identified audience needs and business objectives to form a solid foundation to build from. By working closely with internal stakeholders and target audience members, they identified critical factors for success. They combined these insights with industry expertise and primary research to create a prioritized feature set and roadmap. Utilizing various research methodologies and analysis, they developed actionable solutions that enabled the fast-food chain's team to deliver exceptional value and maximize impact. This collaborative and innovative approach ensured that the correct solutions were designed and executed effectively, successfully harnessing voice technology to transform their industry and optimize both value and results.

This thorough process led to the development of a groundbreaking Alexa skill, the first of its kind for the restaurant chain, which integrated with the restaurant's mobile app to offer an intuitive, touch-free, and customer-centric experience.

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