Case Study 2

Case study: Transforming fast food ordering with the power of Voice technology and personalized chatbots

Discover how a leading pizza delivery brand revolutionized the fast food industry by embracing voice technology and personalized chatbots. Learn about their innovative journey, the impressive results they achieved, and the strategic approach that allowed them to create a memorable, user-friendly ordering experience for their customers.

About the client

A leading pizza delivery brand has always been at the forefront of innovation, finding ways to improve fast food delivery across the board.

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In October 2014, the brand began exploring the world of voice technology by introducing a voice-enabled chatbot that allowed customers to place orders hands-free through dictation on mobile devices. The chatbot quickly gained popularity, and by the end of 2014, 500,000 orders had been placed through it. The challenge was to expand the chatbot's reach and capabilities to new platforms, such as Amazon Alexa, while maintaining the brand's distinct personality.


Some notable results achieved through this project were:

Enhanced customer experience

Continuous improvements to the customer experience have contributed to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty

Rapid Adoption

Voice-enabled chatbot gained popularity quickly, with 500,000 orders placed through it by the end of 2014.

Voice platform expansion

By the end of 2016, about 20% of the pizza delivery brand's sales went through Amazon Alexa.

Diverse Ordering Channels

The brand now offers more than 10 different ways to order pizza, including innovative platforms like SmartTV, Twitter, and even from customers' cars.

How it was done

To achieve this success, the brand had a clear Voice strategy and collaborated with their agency and a voice technology partner. They developed the chatbot into a fun, clever personality with numerous emotive expressions, thousands of phrases, and answers to many relevant questions. The chatbot was also given a visual identity, reflecting the brand's distinct personality.

The chatbot was introduced through an integrated campaign that included TV, online video, and social content. Multiple iterations and optimizations were made, with continuous improvements to the customer experience. The brand's commitment to on-brand fun and useful ways to meet customers' pizza needs is what keeps those customers coming back for more.

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