What is Voice?

A brief introduction to the fastest adopted technology ever and why it's a great way to reach your customers right now

Odds are you've heard of smart speakers like Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Perhaps you're not quite sure what all the fuss is about or how you actually can use this new channel for your brand.

The mobile revolution changed how audiences interact with our brands and content. Smart speakers are poised to do the same...but this time, there will be far more reaching consequences.

So let's talk about Voice.

When we talk about Voice we refer to any interaction that allows you to control a computer device using natural language.

Voice can even be Apple’s CarPlay, Google’s Android Auto, or any other in-car assistant. Fact is, Voice really is as an umbrella term for the entire universe where your voice—not a keyboard—is the main input that drives the experience.

Voice represents the first new consumer channel for brands to reach their audience since the advent of smartphones. And, as with all new platforms, there are new considerations to keep in mind when using them...that is, IF you want them to be effective.

Voice is not radio or TV. As such, 30-second commercials won’t work because of its interactive nature. Besides, doesn't your audience expect to be able to do more than just sit and listen to commercials on all their devices? Of course they do.

With so many aspects of Voice that make it compelling to users, it's no surprise to see adoption at unsurpassed rates. First and foremost, voice-based devices are simply easier for most people to use. For the first time ever you can use natural language to control a computer or device. There are no special commands or visual interfaces to learn. You need only make a request and you’ll get a response. In short? Voice removes friction.

Voice is also:

All of this represents a massive opportunity for you to reach a wider audience...and provide more value to more people. What's not to like about that?

If you take nothing else from reading this, remember this:

Voice is poised to become the first point of contact for consumer attention.

Instead of competing for customer eyeballs, marketers and advertisers will compete for their ears. The best part (especially if you're ready to go), the Voice Revolution is already well under way.

And even if you're not ready, you can still take advantage. Pragmatic Digital is here to guide and assist you to create the best Voice experience you possibly can.

So, explore the site.

Learn more about the Pragmatic Process and why it works.

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