You may not realize it yet…

And, by the time you do, will it be too late?

There’s a revolution brewing...and your future customers already know more about it than you.

Thing is... in a revolution, the first mover gets the advantage.

Those who wait?

Let’s just say they’re never remembered.

There’s an opportunity to hold court in the minds of the very people that matter most.

But, there’s a catch.

Hi. We’re Susan and Scot Westwater.

Like you, we missed out on the internet and mobile revolutions, and we swore we’d get in on the next giant technology shift. And so...


Pragmatic Digital is the Voice marketing advisor for the world’s most innovative brands.

Combining deep business acumen with unmatched Voice experience, Pragmatic Digital helps Marketing, Branding, and Customer Experience executives take advantage of the incredible opportunity Voice represents. 

Unlike Voice marketing agencies that focus on tactical Voice apps and then leave you to manage them, Pragmatic Digital helps you focus on Voice strategy that works so your brand ends up on the winning side.

The next technology revolution has already started. 

Your time to take action is now.

This is Pragmatic Digital. This is Voice.

HERE'S The team

SUSAN Westwater, CEO

Susan helps clients solve their marketing and customer experience problems using customer-centric approaches to plan and create useful and usable Voice experiences for their audiences. Susan has presented and authored a number of talks, workshops, articles, and ebooks focused on the role Voice technology plays in marketing and business strategy. She co-authored Voice Strategy: Creating Useful and Usable Voice Experiences with her husband Scot. Susan is a co-founder of Voice Masters, an online education program designed to teach innovative business teams about Voice and Voice strategy. She also is an Ambassador for the Open Voice Network, an Advocate for Women in Voice, and an instructor for the Marketing AI Institute AI Academy.

SCOT Westwater, CCO

Scot helps clients identify and solve their marketing and customer experience problems by taking advantage of the unique opportunity that Voice technology represents. Scot uses his 20+ years of design, user experience, and digital strategy to develop useful and usable experiences that propel businesses to success. He and his wife Susan launched their first book, Voice Strategy: Creating Useful and Usable Voice Experiences this past November. A co-founder of Pragmatic Digital, Scot has presented talks and workshops at a number of events, including Project Voice 2020, VOICE Global 2020, VOICE Summit 2019, among others. Scot is an Ambassador for the Open Voice Network and serves as an instructor for the Marketing AI Institute AI Academy.


Voice marketing and customer experience are always evolving. To keep up, Pragmatic Digital conducts research, speaks with others in the industry, and writes about it. Here are the latest and greatest insights.
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Your customers already use Voice. It's time to do something about it.

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